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Mutually the T2i as well as T3i are great Digital slr cameras in their own rights, however there is a reason why the two are typically different from each other. Prior to discussing the a lot of contrasts which the Canon T2i vs T3i possess, it is important to highlight their similarities to start with.

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First off, both the T2i as well as the Canon eos rebel t3i offer a genuine resolution of 17.9 megapixels which means that their picture quality is at par with each other. These two cameras also have high-resolution screens, three in. screen displays, external mic jacks plus both are capable of 1080 High definition movie recording at 30 fps. Both the Eos rebel t2i and the T3i also features 24p support for recording moving pictures.

Now, the contrasts concerning the two, Canon T2i vs T3i, lie in a number of dissimilar features. The T2i is truly more rapidly than the T3i. That’s almost 400 ms for the second against 1500 ms for the former. The T2i’s advantages over the Canon eos rebel t3i also consists of a slightly smaller size or 30% lighter which is significant if you examine it’s buyers.

There is also lesser shutter lag at 252 ms together with the truth that the T2i is also 20% smaller compare to the other. The viewfinder of the T2i is also somewhat bigger than the Canon eos rebel t3i, though the dissimilarity is fairly minute.

The EOS Rebel T3i has certain features not included in the T2i though, like the flip-out monitor which might be applied for shooting movies and taking tricky photos or stills. The Eos rebel t3i also supplies a superior quality video format starting from 720p at 30 fps which makes it the obvious winner in the movie category.

additionally, the other features of the Canon T2i vs T3i are more or less identical. When it comes to price though, the Eos rebel t3i is really more costly than the Eos rebel t2i despite obtaining only a few upgrades to brag about.

Because both cameras offer approximately the same features, enthusiasts who wish to obtain the most out of shots along with stills can observe the features of the Rebel T2i more helpful. It delivers excellent image quality, and more it is also fast and more refined to apply. It’s also easier to lug around as a consequence of its smaller weight compared to the T3i. But for those who want to lean more in the direction of video, the features of the EOS Rebel T3i are better when it comes to capturing movies. Movies are clearer and more high-definition than the T2i’s ordinary capacities for videography.

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