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The American Movie Company (AMC) was on location for the launch of the Statue of Liberty Museum in Manhattan along with the likes of Oprah, Hillary Clinton, and several other equally notable people. 

Former SNL writer and current Late Night host Seth Meyers hosted the event that celebrated the inauguration of this venerable institution on Liberty Island. 

AMC’s Joseph Ridilla was at the helm of the teleprompter, operating for Meyers as he proudly presented Oprah Winfrey with her Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Award for her continued contributions to American society and to liberty per se. The award itself was created using materials from the monuments themselves. After accepting her award, Oprah then went on to present an impressive keynote address to the star-studded audience. 

Watch the Keynote Speech here!

Stephen Briganti, President and CEO of The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, spoke enthusiastically, “Tonight is a momentous occasion that forever ensures that the history, meaning, and significance of the Statue of Liberty will be passed down for generations to come. The opening of this museum is the latest milestone in the Statue’s history, and the Foundation is thrilled to celebrate this moment with the people who brought this dream to fruition.” 

As the night ensued, Ridilla went on to prompt using AMC’s specialty confidence monitors for the live performances of music legends Tony Bennett and Gloria Estefan. 

Of the night, Ridilla said, “It was a great experience, not only my getting to work with so many talented individuals including Seth, Oprah, Tony Bennett and Gloria Estefan, but also to celebrate all the history and significance of Lady Liberty”.

The museum officially opened its doors on May 16, 2019, allowing visitors to revel in the historical importance of the monument, as well as the ability to get an up-close and personal view of the Statue’s original torch.

Check out all the fabulous celebrities in attendance! 

AMC Teleprompts: Oprah Awarded at the Statue of Liberty Museum Opening!

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