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Most Creative Music Videos… Ever!

(In our opinion… let us know what you think.)

“OK Go” shot this amazing video in an airplane flying in a hyperbolic curve to make the passengers momentarily weightless. The performers endured many flights in the Soviet “Vomit Comet”.  The singers are from the group OK Go and the two “stewardesses” are local Russian dancers.

The project was made even more challenging by the fact that the dancers and film crew spoke only Russian and OK Go spoke only English.

No special effects.

No wires. No stunt doubles. No green screen.  The whole video was shot in a real plane in the sky.

We create music videos both in and out of our Green Screen Stages… but nothing as purely creative as these.



Check out this BTS (behind the scenes) video.

How They Did It!

OK Go shows us the process they went through to create this amazing video.

And if you love dogs as much as we do, check out “OK Go with Friends”

OK Go  “One Moment”

Entire video shot in 4.2 seconds.  Then it was slowed down so that you can see what happened.

OK Go – One Moment 

And how the “Moment” came to be.

OK Go – “I Won’t Let You Down”

OK Go –  WTF

It’s all about color.


OK Go – “I’m Not Through”

Really creative Green Screen work

OK Go – “This Too Shall Pass”

The ultimate Rube Goldberg Machine


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