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This is the place to be!  Never a dull moment, given the main thrust of this city – politics.

To discuss WebCasting your event please call Bill at 917-414-5489 or Jocelyn at 646-617-6535

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Take a Look at Our 2018 WebCasting Reel

Joana, a woman of many talents.

A producer, a WebCasting Technician, a Teleprompter Operator, a model!

Beautiful young lady


Joana came to Washington after much soul searching.  Her husband is an admitted lobbyist (I won’t say for whom).  She was a lady of leisure, pursued the arts and modeled at times.  Of late she fell in with a crowd of people who actually work in a variety of disciplines.  She found herself on a movie set recently.  She became interested in the behind the scenes world.  She’s since become an associate producer on a documentary unfolding before her eyes.  She’s accompanied one of her friends on Teleprompter and WebCasting gigs.  She won’t commit to a full time job but is enjoying the occasional foray into the world of politics and film.

WebCasting Washington, DC

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