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Green Screen Stage | White Cyc Stage 

New Chelsea Prime Studio Manhattan

Our Premium Sound Stage

$2400 / 10 hrs.  


Fresh Green or White paint before each shoot.  Full grid with DMX controlled Kino lights which perfectly light cyc. 

Extensive grip and lighting package included.  300 AMP lunch boxes. Silent air-conditioning.

White Cyc
Chelsea Prime Green Screen
 Chelsea Prime White/Green Studio
Chelsea Prime Lighting and Grip
Chelsea Prime Kitchen
AMC Producers Mike and Laura sitting on black chairs in front of Green Screen

Live Streaming Video

Our professional WebCasting team will stream your multi-camera show with one of our TriCaster or LiveStream FlyPacks.  This service is available here in the studio or on location with our Sprinter Video Van.

Two operators in front of WebCasting equipment in studio
Chelsea Prime Electrical
Chelsea Prime Control Room

Mike and Laura can provide you with a full professional crew:

  • Director of Photography
  • Gaffer
  • Grip
  • DIT
  • Sound Recordist
  • Makeup/Wardrobe
  • Production Manager
  • PA
  • Craft Service
White van with AMC logo and FLypack in front of van
Chelsea Prime Studio Reverse
Floor plan
Chelsea Prime Lighting & Grip
Chelsea Prime Electrical
Silent air-conditioner - white unit
Teleprompter setup in the studio - operator in the back
  • Wide selection of pro lighting and grip gear
  • Tables, directors’ chairs
  • Full kitchen with coffee & snacks provided
  • Steamer, iron, wardrobe racks
  • Makeup station – daylight/tungsten
  • 300 amp electric service
  • Electrical distribution includes:
    • Cam-Lok,
    • 100A Bates,
    • 60A Bates, and
    • 20A Edison.
Silent Air-Conditioning

The entire soundstage as well as green room, kitchen, etc. is equipped with a state-of the-art air-conditioning system.  You can shoot comfortably without having to shut down for a noisy air-conditioning unit.


We can provide:

  • TriCaster
  • Teleprompter & Interrotron Service
  • Camera Rental
    • Red Dragon,
    • FS 7,
    • Ursa Mini,
    • Sony PMW 350,
    • Blackmagic 4K
  • Ronin

Lighting & Grip Gear Included With the Studio


Lighting & Electric
Continuous Lighting
cyc is pre-lit with seven Kino Flo units
Arri 2k tungsten fresnel
Arri 1k tungsten fresnel2
Arri 650w tungsten fresnel2
Arri 300w tungsten fresnel2
Arri 150w tungsten fresnel2
Arri 2k tungsten open face2
ETC Source Four 750w ellipsodial body (Leko)4
19 degree lens for ETC Source Four1
26 degree lens for ETC Source Four2
36 degree lens for ETC Source Four1
50 degree lens for ETC Source Four2
assorted gobos for ETC Source Four1
small chimera video pro kit (for Arri 1k or D1 strobe)1
Kino Flo 4’x42
Kino Flo 2’x22
Kino Flo 2’x41
Strobe Lighting
Profoto D1 strobe kit1
Pocket Wizard kit1
Electric Distribution
300A distro box (Cam-Lok to 3x 100A Bates)1
5 wire Cam-Lok #2 banded cable – 25′1
100A Bates whip – 25′2
100A Bates whip – 50′1
100A pass-thru gangbox (5x 20A Edison)3
100A Bates (M) to (2) 60A Bates (F) splitter3
60A bates whip – 25′2
60A bates whip – 50′1
60A gangbox w/ bates pigtail (3x 20A Edison)3
50′ Edison stinger6
25′ E0ison stinger13
25′ Edison quadbox4
cube tap5
surge strip2
2k Magic Gadget dimmer2
1k hand dimmer1
Stands & Grip
Matthews combi stand – triple riser3
Matthews junior medium roller stand – triple riser3
Matthews Hollywood Beefy Baby Stand – triple riser4
Mole Richardson junior roller stand – double riser1
Baby roller stand3
Matthews slider stand2
40″ C stand w/ arm & head5
40″ C+ stand w/ arm & head7
20″ C+ stand w/ arm & head3
Rags and Flags
12x12′ solid5
12x12′ lite grid1
8x8′ solid2
8x8′ lite grid1
8x8′ ultra bounce1
6x6′ solid2
6x6′ lite grid1
6x6′ ultra bounce1
72x24″ floppy cutter (meat axe)1
4x4′ floppy flag3
4x4′ double net1
4x4′ single net1
4x4′ silk1
4x4′ gridcloth1
4x4′ Lee 250 white diffusion1
4x4′ empty frame3
2x3′ solid flag2
2x3′ double net1
2x3′ single net1
2x3′ empty frame2
18x24″ solid flag1
18x24″ double net1
18x24″ single net1
18x24″ empty frame2
Matthews fingers & dots kit1
Grip Hardware
Speed-Rail ears2
Speed-Rail coupler sleeves2
square stock corners8
square stock quick reverse ears4
square stock coupler sleeves4
baby pipe clamp12
junior pipe clamp3
duck bill clamp4
4.5″ combi head (lollipop)3
spare 40″ long arm1
spare 20″ short arm4
Cardellini clamp – mid jaw1
Cardellini clamp – end jaw5
Cardellini clamp – long end jaw4
Maffer clamp w/ baby pin & J hook4
8″ baby studded C-clamp2
junior to baby adapter (butt plug)2
Cheeseboro clamp – swivel2
Cheeseboro clamp – fixed 90°4
Big Ben clamp2
3″ baby pin wall plate4
junior socket wall plate2
scissor clip2
Magic Arm1
baby triple header1
90° drop down baby pin2
Autopole small extensions4
Autopole large extensions4
#1 Spring Clamp10
#2 Spring Clamp10
#3 Spring Clamp10
Miscellaneous Grip
25 lb sandbag30
15 lb sandbag8
15 lb shotbag10
full apple box5
half apple box8
quarter apple box4
eigth apple box (pancake)2
safety chain23
8-step ladder2
sound blanket4
Pipe & Stock
1″ aluminum square stock:
8′ square stock4
6′ square stock8
1-1/4″ Speed-Rail:
8′ aluminum pipe6
6′ aluminum pipe2
5′ aluminum pipe2
4′ aluminum pipe4
3′ aluminum pipe2
2′ aluminum pipe4
1′ aluminum pipe2
Seamless Paper
pre-rigged on holder
Savage #01: Super White – 140″
Savage #20: Black – 140″
Savage #46: Tech Green – 140″
Savage #70: Storm Grey – 140″
carts, etc
Backstage Magliner Junior camera cart –1
(modified w/ 24″ shelves, high hat holder, tripod holder, baby pin)
stainless steel rolling table – 5′ x 30″1
directors chairs – tall4
directors chairs – short4
folding tables – large2
folding tables – small2
folding chairs10
rolling steamer1
CVA makeup vanity1
wardrobe rack1
Vizio 50″ TV on rolling stand (HDMI input)1
Decimator SDI to HDMI converter1
spare bulbs for all lights1
2″ black gaffer tape1
2″ black paper tape1
1″ white gaffer tape1
rubber mats4
4x8′ beadboard2
4x4′ beadboard2
2x4′ beadboard1
2x2′ beadboard1

Chelsea Prime Green/White Cyc Studio

by | Apr 20, 2017

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