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Review: Oculus Rift S vs Oculus Quest


(The following owes a debt to John Jim at CNET)



Let’s start with the similarities:


  1. Both are priced the same.
  2. Both have the self-contained camera tracking system.
    1. There are five cameras around the headset that incorporate Oculus’ new Insight tracking system
    2. This system which does not require room sensors. It functions in a very similar way as the self-contained Microsoft 360 VR headsets do.
    3. Both have the familiar headbands.
    4. Both have built in audio
  3. Both allow full room movement and controller support that feel virtually the same.
  4. Both work with the same “touch controllers”.
    1. They both have:
      1. Vibration
      2. Analog control sticks
  • Buttons and dual triggers.
  1. They can recognize when fingers are on or off buttons thus providing for grabbing action
  2. Oculus has announced that both Rift and Quest games will support cross-buy and cross-play. So, game libraries should cross-pollinate if you wish to switch hardware.

Differences between the Oculus Rift S and the Quest.


  1. There are five cameras around the headset that incorporate Oculus Rift S’s new Insight tracking system, which, as we mentioned, does not need room sensors. The Quest only has 5 cameras.
  2. The fifth camera in the Rift S is is designed to add a more expansive room tracking for compatibility with the Rift’s existing library of games.
  3. Oculus Rift S features a button which slides the Rift S closer or further away to accommodate people with glasses.
  4. The Rift S has an interesting mixed reality-like way to establish room boundaries with the headset on. It’s called called “Passthrough+”. The “real world” is viewed via cameras in black and white, while 3D grid-like room boundaries can be painted onto the space around the viewer.
  5. The Quest does not function in the exact same way but does allow the room edges to be easily set.
  6. The Quest is self-contained while the Rift S need to be tethered to a gaming PC.
  7. The Quest will deliver a higher resolution, at 1,600x1,440 per eye.

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