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EyePrompter Teleprompter Rental

Large iPad Teleprompter that fits into a backpack.

  • Extremely durable
  • Works with most large tablets
  • Fits into backpack when collapsed
  • 60 second setup

The EyePrompter has been discontinued.  Please see its replacement below.


EyePrompter Rental


iPad (if necessary)



  • 8 inches (203mm) x 9.25 (235mm)  x 12 (305mm) when built to shoot.
  • 12 inches (305mm) x 12 (305mm) x 1.5 (38mm) when folded flat.
  • 100mm lens port hole

The EyePrompter is the best iPad teleprompter on the market. Made by the same company as the EyeDirect, the EyePrompter is designed for its portability, durability, and quality. It supports a wide range of device sizes, from large smartphones to large tablets, yet collapses into the size of a laptop. The EyePrompter features sixty second setup and a large display for a tablet teleprompter, even with its portability.

The EyePrompter comes with a padded, zippered carrying case and includes a small spud adapter for mounting this unit on a baby stand in front of a camera. We can ship this teleprompter all over the world.




We have discontinued renting the EyePrompt as we found the traditional iPad was not ready for professional scrolling. 



The Bluetooth was not reliable and the fixed scroll function was not ready ready for prime time. 

In short, it was not a professional device.



We have replaced it with a larger more sturdy prompter frame which accommodates professional cameras. 


It has larger glass . and most importantly an Auto Scroll feature.


When the talent speaks, It scrolls.  Speak faster or slower and it scrolls faster or slower.


Stop speaking and it stops and waits.




It’s quite amazing








EyePrompter Rental

by | Apr 21, 2016

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