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F. Murray Abraham: Great Actor and Regular Guy.

If I were to take a pic with F. Murray Abraham, It could look similar to this.

I bore witness to the mind blowing event that is F. Murray Abraham.

I had the privilege of working as a teleprompter op with the incredibly sensitive F. Murray Abraham.

If you don’t recognize the name F. Murray Abraham, you know him, you just don’t know that you know him.

He’s done so many movies, you would think that he lives on a set.

So let me tell you something, when F. Murray Abraham does his thing, and you are in the room, you watch. You watch with your eyes peeled, never blinking, because it happens so fast, you’ll not want to miss a thing!

Besides being an amazing artist, however, he’s also a very cordial fellow. He came in the room talking about how “nobody tells jokes anymore.” and went on making terrible jokes throughout the shoot. I had a blast!

He also has a disdain for Producers, which he apologized to our producer about, but made several jokes at their expense. Here’s my favorite:
There is a Writer, a DP, and a Producer on a shoot, and they find a magic lamp. The Genie says they each get one wish, since all three found the lamp. The Writer goes first, “I just want to be back creating art again! Back like it was before, none of this sell out nonsense!”
AND POOF he’s gone. The Genie turns to the DP. He says, “Yes, I used to make amazing films screened at festivals all over the country, I want to be back doing that again, all integrity!’
AND POOF he’s gone. Then the Genie turns to the Producer, who says, “I want those two assholes back here RIGHT NOW!”
I found that joke to be quite hilarious.

Murray did his amazing job, and I closed out the day with a joke of my own.
Two Cell Phones went to their friend’s wedding. After it was over, one looks to the other and says, “You know, the ceremony was only okay, but the reception was FANTASTIC!”

Before I even finished the joke, right when I said the word “reception” F. Murray Abraham let out a loud groany laugh. He thought it was quite good. He shook my hand and said goodbye.
Then the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me as a Teleprompter Operator happened.

F. Murray Abraham, along with the producer/director, came back to me, and shook my hand for about 5 min, telling me what a great  job I did as his teleprompter op. How that wasn’t an easy job. And how I was right with him, going back and forth, never missing a beat.

I thanked him profusely.

F. Murray Abraham is one CLASSY guy.  He didn’t have to be so gracious and compliment my teleprompter skills.

F. Murray Abraham was recently seen in the 2011 season of The Good Wife.

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