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Teleprompting for Jaguar/Land Rover

By Michael Gonzalez- Producer, Teleprompter Specialist for the American Movie Company &

This past week I had the honor of teleprompting for the prestigious Jaguar/Land Rover brand. I traveled from our American Movie Studio in Tribeca, NYC to the headquarters of Jaguar Land Rover North America, in beautiful Mahwah, NJ. I worked closely with Amy Sheppard, a representative from the Brainstorm Creative Advertising Agency.

By, Michael Gonzalez- Producer, Teleprompter Specialist for the American Movie Company &

Teleprompter Rental NYC ; Michael Gonzalez, Teleprompter Operator

She flew in from the UK and was in charge of the coordination of the film shoot. Every morning we would get the approval from the legal department at Jaguar/Land Rover in England. They needed to sign off on the scripts for that day’s shooting of the particular vehicles. I meticulously formatted dozens of pages of said scripts.

The videos being shot were, essentially, instructional manuals for every make and model of the 2016 Jaguar Land Rover lineup. There were a lot of details to cover for the many vehicles involved. It has always been an absolute dream of mine to work with these gorgeous British supercars and sport utility vehicles. My fantasy became real and it was truly all my Jaguar Jaguar

pleasure. The production company with whom I worked, ordered a standard 12-inch professional autocue camera-mounted teleprompter system, with a collapsible hood and upgraded HD monitor.

They used two different cameras for the setup. The first camera mounted with our teleprompter system was a Sony FS7 and the second camera was a Canon C100. I made sure to talk with the Director of Photography and Assistant Cameraman in advance. It’s important that they know that when ordering the C100, they must make sure it comes with a dovetail, which allows the camera to mount at the proper height needed for the teleprompter.


Teleprompter Rental - Jaguar Red car – Jaguar Red car

We covered tons of safety features like this. In order to most effectively shoot this, we mounted the camera rig and teleprompter system to a dolly and did a series of wide and medium shots (or mid-shots, as they say in the UK) of our facilitator and talent Brett Bogart. He sat in the driver’s seat and gave a full tutorial and breakdown of the driver console including the hands-free phone, radio and real-time navigation system. I made sure as we did these interior shots to spend plenty of time training Brett on subtle movements that would give the appearance that he was not reading from a

teleprompter but rather was saying the words from memory. This was a bit difficult to accomplish because even though Brett is a super intelligent individual and expert on everything inside and out about the Jaguar vehicles, he had never before worked on camera.

Luckily for him this is one of the areas where I excel. (I say humbly).

We spent many hours together, I gave him speech coaching and training on how to give the most effective performance on camera. We concentrated on boosting his confidence, on speaking directly to the camera and paid particular attention to the inflection in his voice. All this helped to keep the dialogue interesting. Jaguar Jaguar

The prep work we did together paid off. It made his performance perfectly fabulous. He went from being a monotone presenter to a dynamic and flawless one. He was a very interesting proponent of the prestigious brand. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. My thanks to my editor, who prefers to remain in the background, to Bill Milling, my partner,

for being an inspiration and for finding excellent clients such as this one, and last but not least to Parm Girn, our new head of accounting and… really our Renaissance woman! It is unanimous – it is an absolute pleasure to work with her.

See you on the next blog.

Enjoy the photos taken on set!



Michael Gonzalez

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