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40k Lytro Light Field Camera

Introducing Lytro ILLUM 4:40

In this tutorial, you will learn your way around the touch interface of the Lytro ILLUM, including navigating the Capture Mode, Playback Mode, and settings. Finally, you will be guided on taking your first living picture with the Lytro ILLUM

Lytro Illum Camera Review: Photos Just Got Deeper




Watch the videos below to see how it works.





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The text below is from Wikipedia describing the tech in historical detail

“A  light field is a vector function that describes the amount of light flowing in every direction through every point in space. The direction of each ray is given by the 5D plenoptic function, and the magnitude of each ray is given by the radiance.”

“Michael Faraday was the first to propose (in an 1846 lecture entitled “Thoughts on Ray Vibrations”) that light should be interpreted as a field, much like the magnetic fields on which he had been working for several years. The phrase light field was coined by Alexander Gershun in a classic paper on the radiometric properties of light in three-dimensional space (1936).”


New 40k Lytro Camera

New Lytro Light Field Camera

The Lytro Illum Light Field Digital Camera uses the unique Light Field sensor and the Light Field Engine 2.0 for image capture and processing. With a micro-lens array on the sensor it records the color, intensity, and direction of light traveling in every direction throughout a scene and creates “living pictures” in which the focus point can be determined after you have shot the image. Focus range for the Illum is from 0 mm to infinity, it can actually focus on a subject touching up against the lens. The dedicated “Lytro Button” next to the shutter release enables a color-coded overlay to appear on the live view LCD image which demonstrates the relative focus and depth of field of your image in order to better recognize the “re-focusable” range. You can shoot up to 1/4000th of a second and change ISO sensitivity via 2 customizable buttons and an integrated hot shoe mount is compatible with most standard flashes and offers manual and TTL control. An external shutter release port is supported and you can set a custom white balance. This camera is ideal for experimental photography.

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