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The American Movie Company Live Streams The Million Second Quiz Show Live 24/7

Three AMC crews each consisting of a producer and two highly experienced WebCasting techs were on set in eight hour shifts for eleven straight days.  There was absolutely no room for error as the show was totally live.



NBC Innovative game show, The Million Second Quiz  in which Ryan Seacrest and his army of trivia Mooks subjected contestants to a quiz competition that just kept going on and on, all day long. For a million seconds (the entire competition took place across 11 days).

The object of the game was for a contestant to defend a “Money Chair” by competing in rounds of timed “bouts” of multiple-choice questions with other contestants. If you win, you keep the chair. If you lose, the winner takes your place. For every second a player keeps the chair, they earn $10. Much like The Challengers, questions occasionally involved recent events. When you make it into the 8:00 p.m. hour (when the competition was aired in primetime on TV), things changed a bit; point values for questions begin steadily increasing throughout the round, and there’s also the “Doubler”; which is basically a “dare” for your opponent to answer the question for double the points (or else you get them all). While the opponent can double-back at you, there is no option to take a physical challenge instead. If, when finally defeated, a contestant’s score is within the top 4, the contestant moves into a residence known as “Winners’ Row” with little access to the outside world until either the game ends, or someone else outscores or eliminates them.

American Movie Company WebCasts NBC’s The Million Second Quiz Show

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